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The main focus of teaching at the Department of Energy Plant Technology is to provide a deep knowledge of state of the art processes and plants for the conversion of fossil fuels. Another important area is the thermal recycling (combustion and gasification) of waste. Combustion, heat transfer and fluid mechanics are the key processes for the understanding of innovative power plant and furnaces technology and are, therefore, an important part of our lectures.

Note: Please pay attention to current announcements on the board in the floor IC2-south.

Technical Combustion

Prof. Dr.–Ing. V. Scherer

Content: fuel properties; combustion stoichiometry; flame temperature calculation; reaction kinetics; ignition of fuel/oxidizer mixtures; combustion of gaseous fuels; Combustion of liquid fuels - atomization, droplet burn-up, heat release; Combustion of solid fuels -; coal pyrolysis, pulverized coal combustion, single grain combustion - fixed bed incineration, fluidized bed incineration; Technical combustion devices; Pollutant emissions

Power Plant Engineering

Prof. Dr.–Ing. V. Scherer

Content: Thermal power plants, steam power plants, gas turbines, combined cycles, PFBC, IGCC, heat transfer and fluid mechanics in boilers, boiler lay-out

Energy Plant Logistics

Dipl.–Phys. Dr.–Ing. M. Schiemann

Content: Supply of energy plants, disposal of energy plant related effluents, preparation of feed water, condensate and cooling water, condensators, open and closed cooling systems, fuel supply, flue gas purification from solid and gaseous pollutants, distribution of effluents from industrial stacks

CO2-Deposition from industrial processes

Dipl.–Phys. Dr.–Ing. M. Schiemann

Content: Greenhouse gases and their development; Information about research, development and prospects of separation processes; Influence of the separation on transport and storage as well as economic, legislative and social aspects

Energy Technology and Resource Management / Material Conversion in Energy Technology

Dr.–Ing. S. Wirtz

Content: Conventional municipal solid waste incineration, cement production and current gasification and pyrolysis

CFD in practice

Dr. E. Illana

Content: The lecture gives a basic overview into the complex field of flow simulations.

Gas infrastructure: from gas production to customers

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Gerald Linke, DVGW

Content: Foundations of transport of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels, fuel storage

Seminar Energy Plant Technology

Specialisation in themes of the lectures with a final presentation of 30 min

Technical laboratory Energy Plant Technology

Experimental investigations and data evaluation using different measurement techniques relevant in energy technology