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The teaching at the department of Energy Plant Technology is part of the specialisation of Energy Process Technology within the study of Mechanical Engineering. This specialisation field is formed by the Institute of Energy Technology and the Institute of Thermo- and Fluid-dynamics. Both institutes are supported by other institutes and external lecturers coming from industrial companies. This combination provides a deep knowledge regarding the current basic research position and the standard of the industrial application in energy technology.

At the department of Energy Plant Technology is taught the state of the art of processes and plants for the conversion of fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal. Another important area is the thermal recycling (combustion and gasification) of waste. The focus of the education is a fundamental knowledge of combustion, heat transfer and fluid mechanics and the technology of conventional and innovative power plant and furnaces. Due to the main objective to save the environment especially the topics minimisation of pollutants, process and heat transfer optimisation, the fuel supply and disposal of residuals of power plants are important. Additional to these lectures the department offers lectures with innovative energy conversion issues, like gasification and liquefaction of coal, H2-technology and numerical methods for simulation and explanation of all types of furnaces and grate firing waste incineration plants.

Under Courses you will find all the lectures, seminars and specialized laboratories that are offered at the Department of Energy Plant Technology

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