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The Flash Pyrolysis Reactor

  • Isothermal drop tube reactor (max. 1600 K)
  • Microwave-based plasma source
  •       Inert gases: Ar, N2
          Dry oxy-fuel atmospheres: CO2, (O2)

  • Vaporizer to generate wet oxy-fuel atmospheres
  • Water-cooled injection probe
  • Coal feeding: 1-5 g/min
  • Moveable oil-cooled sample probe (residence times up to 150 ms)
  • Sampling of char, soot, tar and gaseous species
  • FTIR spectroscopy: CO2, CO, H2O, CH4, CxHy, HCN, NH3 etc.
  • GC with TCD: H2, O2, N2